Corazon Del Pueblo is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit collective, and community cultural center, that promotes peace, social justice and cultural understanding through the arts, education and social action.

Corazon Del Pueblo opened up its doors to the community in Boyle Heights December 18, 2009. Since then we’ve managed to keep our doors open without grants, private money, and no staff members. All our board members & instructors are all UNPAID VOLUNTEERS – donating their time, skills & knowledge.

Since 2009 CDP has offered a wide range of FREE classes & programming, such as: Flowers of fire, our bi-monthly open mic/poetry night, yoga, jiu jitsu, womyns self defense, nahuatl studies, knitting, jewelry, danza azteca, capoiera, zumba, salsa, conga, music appreciation, poetry art classes & workshops and much more!

Corazon Del Pueblo has unfortunately closed it’s doors on the eve of it’s 5th year anniversary.
**Doors at our current location will be closing Saturday December 13th.
Corazon Del Pueblo refuses to let this movement of the Arts, Education, and Action be shaken by this unfortunate circumstance.
We will continue our programming out of our sister centers. We will be finding a new location and will continue to serve the just cause of the people. There will be more information to come on this.
Corazon Del Pueblo has served the working class community of Boyle Heights with quality innovative programming, classes and workshops that have challenged our minds, provoked our thinking, inspired our souls, and enriched our lives. Corazon has served as a healing space, our dance hall, our Baby Shower Salon, a forum for hearts to speak in poetic prose and in painful yet hopeful prayer. It has served as a food kitchen providing free meals to our neighbors on holidays.**

Programming continues at our sister community spaces. Check facebook for updates


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  1. I’m interested in the nahuatl studies and danza azteca and would like to know what time and days are the classes offered. Thank you.

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